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    Calle Dr. Juan Domínguez Pérez, 28, 35008 Las Palmas De Gran Canaria
There is a special day that marks a before and after in life: our wedding.

We help you

At Vintia Catering we want everything to be perfect and we are specialists in it.
Thousands of details to keep in mind, and thousands of options offered by the market ...

What flowers to choose, colors, music, place ...

So many decisions to make ... it is normal that you are somewhat overwhelmed.

But do not lose your calm; we advise you, and we will put the best professionals at your disposal, according to your needs, tastes and preferences.

We help you make your wedding what you have always dreamed of,
because we wish that your only concern is to enjoy, of your day.

But the service of the specialists will not be the only personalized

Each event will be assigned one of our best professionals, to serve as a guide and work directly with you throughout the celebration. In this way, you can have someone to help you control, manage and solve all aspects of your wedding so that everything is absolutely perfect.
Do you let us accompany you on your special day?
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